My name is Kari. I am primarily adventurous; curious about the world and its inhabitants. I’m inspired by nature, its harsh beauty, diversity and vastness. I’m an explorer; of places and people and ideas. I have learned to accept things for what they are. I have no need nor wish to change them or wish that they were different. It is in their being that I find amazement and awe, joy and sorrow. It is these experiences that inform my paintings. 

During my life, anytime I have encountered a challenge or difficulty, it has been art, specifically painting and photography that I turn to. I find journaling and art journaling, in particular, helpful in documenting and processing my experiences. A practice of noticing the simple, little things; the beauty that is around me at any given moment has been mind/life changing and fulfilling. As I have practiced this, I have realized that every moment has a special grace in it no matter what else is happening. This realization catalyzed a 365-day photo project, called Embracing Grace Everyday. I have also learned to stay with whatever I am feeling, whether joy, sorrow, contemplation, grief, awe and wonder or sadness, we are made to feel the full range of human emotion. This range of emotion is what helps us to process the truth of our experiences and make meaning for our lives.

I believe in the power of the arts to heal and to be a source of comfort, peace & inspiration. I also believe that everyone has some kind of creative ability. We are all born as creative beings and we all have a need to express that creativity and imagination as well as the truth of our experiences in some way. I also believe that everyone has a story to tell and it is in telling our stories that we not only find our voice, our power and our self-expression, but also our connection to each other and our communities. Within the classes and workshops I teach, I offer the space; the time; the safety and acceptance for those who are interested and curious to explore and adventure in their worlds and within themselves and to tell their stories in their art.

I make my home in Northern California.