Art Journaling-Register Now

I'm so excited to teach Art Journaling at the Petaluma Arts Center this fall and registration is now open! If you're interested, you can register online here or call 707-762-5600. If you have questions about the class, you may contact me through the contact page.

One of the things we are going to be doing, of course, is mining for images. Our culture is filled to the brim with images. We are image-making creatures and images and symbols fill our history and our psyches. Thus, images can be found anywhere and everywhere. By using images in our art journals, we will be creating our own visual language. We'll be finding images that relate to our own personal experiences of life in magazines, photography (yours or someone else's), advertising and even drawing our own. I'll have lots of material to choose from in the class, but you can also go online, use your own photography, use old books or vintage photographs found at a flea market, graphic art or any number of other things. Ephemera is also part of images. Like the ticket in my art journal page above. Use maps, brochures from a trip you took, letters, postcards, etc. The possibilities are endless...and personal. So, I encourage you to look around and start gathering things that you might want to incorporate into your journal. Gather things that speak to your soul, things that get you excited or cause you to say, "I love that!". Place them all in a folder, box or accordion file and bring them to class.

Register now and as always, I'm happy to answer any questions! Either comment below or contact me through the contact page