The Artist and Home


Having spent a lot of time unlearning what I learned, I would say that this quote applies to more than just artists, but that probably artistic-minded people, generally speaking, have the curiosity and tenacity it takes to dip into that deep, mysterious well, unravel everything they know in order to come out with something more truthful to themselves; that is knowledge of who they are.

In my work, I frequently explore the concepts home. After much uprooting and too many moves, the physical relocations were starting to inspire emotional and psychological uprootings. I was left untethered; unmoored, and I started wondering what Home really meant to me. In exploring the concepts of home, I realized that I had to explore my personal identity as well, which was simultaneously being uprooted as well.

My observations are that we construct and create our homes based on who and what we have learned growing up. But who we truly are may or may not completely match up to the collective value system and identity from which we came. Often, something will happen in life that will challenge our responses and tightly held beliefs about our identity. Unless we are willing unravel and untangle all of those ideas and ideals we learned, we can never know ourselves and perhaps it is in the knowing of ourselves that we come to understand our home as well.