Re-Filling the Inspiration Well


My Social Media Workshop went great on Saturday! Perhaps you might have seen a few posts on my Facebook page as we were practicing. :) I love doing an interactive workshop rather than just a presentation. Not only do I think people learn and remember better when they are actually doing the work, but with a workshop like social media, it allowed us to make connections in real life as well as online and it was fun!

As a reward for a job well done and to celebrate my success, I took myself on an adventure (with my camera, of course!) to Helen Putnam Regional Park. It was a partly sunny, partly cloudy kind of morning and absolutely beautiful as you can see here (there are more photos below).

I left the house feeling equal parts tired from the weekend and anxious to catch up what I set aside last week in order to put together the workshop. However, I knew that I had better first fill up my well. No good work gets done unless it's "relaxed-focused" work. In other words, I can't do good work when I'm tired, the well is about dry or when I'm feeling anxious, rushed or hurried. I have to be relaxed to be truly focused otherwise, my monkey mind really gets the best of me and starts behaving badly, making silly mistakes, forgetting things, etc. 

As I was walking, about half way through my hike, I realized that I was smiling. The few people I passed along the way all said "Good Morning", the park is absolutely gorgeous, the weather was perfect and I had my camera with me. I was indeed re-filling my well. My body is still a bit tired, but my mind is rested and feeling much more relaxed and ready to focus.