Rainy Days Make Good Art Making Days


It's been pouring rain today, and I'm grateful. After two weeks of way too much (necessary-because-it's-my-job) computer work than is good for me, I shut the dang thing off and went into my studio to paint. Ah. Much better. Here's everything that's currently in process, drying and waiting for the next layers (above).

Why do rainy days seem to make great art making days? I don't particularly prefer rainy days. As someone who suffered through Seasonal Affective Disorder growing up in Portland, rainy days seem a bit too gloomy for me to keep up with. But here in Northern California, we've gotten way too little rain, so the rain is welcome here as we don't want any more consequences from a serious drought. But also, on rainy days, I've been finding that I go to a place within myself where my creativity resides. I'm not too sure of what exactly to call that. But I know that I long to be alone in this place with the rain, my tea, some music playing and my cats resting by my worktable. Painting. And painting some more. It's so satisfying and I always wonder why it takes me so long to slip into this place. It's true, I have quite a lot on my plate at the moment, so my art making time is more limited than I would prefer. But why is it that when I re-surface after being in this wonderful creative mental space, distraction seems easier than just sinking back in? I find it a strange experience and I must not be the only one who has it. I'd love to hear the thoughts of others on this topic. What helps you get into a good mental creative space? What inspires you? How do you back and forth between creativity and life's less creative demands?