Creating Sea Themed Terrariums For Air Plants

Since I got my air plants and holders, I've been wanting to dress them up and make nice little homes for my air plants. Not only would they look cute, but my air plants would be able to stand up better. It was easy and fun. Here's how:

  • Carefully pour or spoon in the sand. I found using a spoon easier. 
  • Tear some of the moss, (smaller pieces are easier to work with) and layer some of it over the sand. I found it helpful to use a chopstick and push a stem of the moss down into the sand so that it looked like a small bush. 
  • Place some shells, sticks, small stones or crystals in the moss and sand.
  • Finally, place the air plant in the terrarium.

For information about air plant care, click here.
Resources for air plants and glass containers

Quarryhill Botanical Garden

The Quarryhill Botanical Garden is located in Glen Ellen, CA. Founded in 1987, by Jane Davenport Jansen, who began creating gardens on top of rocky abandoned quarries, Quarryhill is an Asian garden featuring one of the "largest documented wild-collected Asian plants in the world." It was a pretty drive through fields and countryside to get there. Thegardens feature beautiful sculptures, bridges and ponds along with the most amazing Asian plants and flowers and hundreds of butterflies and dragonflies. I honestly didn't know that dragonflies came in so many bright colors. The dragonfly happens to be a symbol for me so it was fun to see so many of them flying around me! It was the hot part of the day when I was there and the next time I go I will make sure it is early in the day or late in the afternoon so the light is better since there are so many opportunities to take photos or do some sketching. Of course, if you just want a gorgeous, inspiring place to walk, it's that too. It takes about an hour to walk the paths up to the prayer flags and back around. They offer tours and there is a self-guided map as well.