Dillon Beach


I thought it would be a nice day for a little trip to Dillon Beach. You know, to shake off the holidays a little and prepare ourselves to get back into the routine next week. It was cold but bright and sunny out and it has been way too long since I've been to the ocean. It was beautiful! My photos don't really do it justice. I only had my little point and shoot. There were some die hard surfers out and although the waves were not steller, I had to admire them for their commitment! Seagulls are always fun to watch for some reason. I'm always fascinated at how they ride the air currents and how they don't seem to be afraid of people. One seagull captured a poor crab who's unlucky day it was. The seagull guarded his prize with gusto against the other seagulls and though interested, none tried to interfere. Equally fascinating were the birds with the really long beaks (what are they called?) that stuck their beaks in the sand looking for treats every time the waves receded. 

Dillon Beach is really not far from where I live, so I will have to make time to visit every so often, especially when the weather gets a little warmer.