Day 18 :: A Way of Becoming


Embracing Grace Everyday means to embrace your life—events and circumstances—no matter what it brings because there is a mysterious grace in each moment where all is well, truly well. It also means that we approach our circumstances no matter what they bring with the grace to be accepting of what is happening and truthful about it and who we are. We cannot approach our life with grace if we are in our resistance.

Resistance will come calling. Resistance is not acceptance, it is a “fighting against” what is; it is a pushing away. Resistance digs in and prevents us from moving and so while it resists what is happening, it actually keeps us in it. Acceptance allows us to stay connected with the moment and pay attention to the details. Acceptance allows us to tell the truth about ourselves and truth is what allows us to move about in freedom. Truth telling and acceptance help us to build strength. So does noticing and celebrating ordinary details in life.

"Embracing Grace is a way of becoming, a way of creating ourselves.
Ultimately it’s a way of Being."

Embracing Grace Everyday isn’t a trite, rose-colored way of looking at the world and ourselves. It’s a warrior’s path. It takes courage to dare to see, hear and speak the truth with authenticity. It takes strength and endurance to do it everyday. And it takes a kind heart and acceptance of ourselves to get up and do it again after we fall. Embracing Grace isn’t a strategy of defeating or outsmarting what we don’t like about ourselves or our lives. Embracing Grace is persistence. Persistence in practicing. It’s not a quality; it’s an action; a choice; a decision of how to handle and deal with our minds and our lives. Embracing Grace is a way of becoming, a way of creating ourselves. Ultimately it’s a way of Being.