Day 50 :: Mocha


Today is the day I look forward to every week. Thursday. Every Thursday, a few friends get together at a local cafe and have coffee...and share ourselves...and our lives. It's balm for my soul to have this kinship. We didn't even know each other very well when we first started meeting over a year ago. Slowly, little by little, we have begun to know one another. What I like the most about this group of women, is that we are all different, we come from different places in life, have different opinions, yet we all allow one another to be who she is support one another. To each of you: Thank you for sharing your Thursdays, your stories and yourselves with me. I truly feel fortunate to have you all in my life. 

Above, I'm taking a second semester class of Photoshop (I learned so much during the fall semester) and loving it! I've also been trying my hand at still life. It's way harder than it looks! The above is adjusted in Lightroom with Kim Klassen's preset, DarkMood added. Then I brought it in to Photoshop and textured it with Kim's MakeLight texture, blended it on soft light and added a gaussian blur to the background to make the mocha stand out just a bit more. I love the undersaturated softness of the photo. Just how I feel with my friends, comfortable to be myself. Like I feel in worn denim.