Day 34 :: Follow Your Path


It takes courage to follow your own true path.
It may not be the path that others want for you to follow.
It may not be a well traveled path.
It may not be the path you expected to follow, the one that was "laid out" for you.
You may walk the path alone.
You may feel afraid, unsure.
You may not see anyone else for miles. 
Then maybe you might see others from time to time.
And they might see you.
And you will exchange kind greetings, recognizing one another as true journey-ers
As you follow your path, it will become more familiar.
It will become beautiful to you.
Take those moments of beauty in,
they will assist you in moments of frustration or exhaustion
and help you move past obstacles.
Over time, you will understand and come to know 
Your True Path, 
Your True Journey.