Day 36 :: The Wisdom of Trees

"...a tree eternally existing, it's roots aloft, it's branches spreading below." The Upanishads

I've been noticing that I've been taking a lot of photos of trees lately. Perhaps it's because I feel at home with them. I grew up in an area in the Pacific Northwest where there a lot of trees. Some very large trees. When I was growing up, I used to walk out in the forest and talk to the trees or just sit on a fallen log contemplating just how much more they had seen than I had. I used to imagine that they could tell me stories or give me advice due to their vast knowledge and long experience. 

Trees have a special symbology for us humans, psychologically and spiritually. The World Tree, The Tree of Life, The Bodhi Tree. We have a symbiotic relationship with trees, trees produce oxygen that we need to breathe and we produce the carbon dioxide that trees need to breathe. Perhaps that is why, throughout history, humans have tended to mythologize trees. Folk religions believe trees to be the homes of tree spirits, Druids had sacred groves. 

I still love to be among the trees. They make me feel calm, at home. They seem so strong and steady. Gently swaying with the breezes and yet standing tall. I love to hear the leaves and branches softly rustle. The larger trees are comforting to lie beneath and feel the coolness their shade provides on a hot day. My grandmother had a weeping willow tree in her front yard that I used to sit beneath and no one would know I was there except the tree itself. The birds seem to love the trees as much as I do and I love to hear their songs and warning calls so others will know that they are approaching territory that has already been vouched for. Then, of course, there are the squirrels and other animals that find shelter among the trees as well. Seems trees play quite an important and honored role on our planet and in our lives. Perhaps they offer us wisdom after all.