Day 81 :: Huey

Huey loves to have his photo taken. I actually took this yesterday with my iPhone and decided today to edit it in Lightroom just to see what I could come up with. I absolutely love this photo of him. It captures all of his best qualities...and he has many! His exquisitely soft fur and sweet disposition. Although he gets a little feisty with Mystery sometimes (brothers), he is always sweet and loving with us. He has the best sounding purr I have ever heard. So calming. He's independent yet social always coming to see who's at the door. He loves to sit outside in the morning, even if it's a little chilly. I call him a zen master because that's exactly how he seems to me. I've never known an animal who knows his role or purpose so well as Huey does. We got him for our daughter when she was six and he has been her faithful companion and comforter for eleven years. He's been spending a little more time with me lately and I don't know if it's because he senses that she's on her way toward her own journey or if he has some special needs of comfort himself. He walks a little stiffer in the morning and has become more reluctant to jump down from things. Maybe he experiences a bit of pain or arthritis in his joints. Regardless, ever accepting as he is, he remains unruffled determined to be content no matter the circumstances. He has taught me a lot and is and will always be, I suspect, one of my heroes.