Day 105 :: Graceful Swans


I went walking at Spring Lake in Santa Rosa today. It's absolutely gorgeous. You can walk around the entire lake which is about 2.8 miles or so. At one end of the lake, there were four beautiful swans just swimming right by the shoreline. They are so graceful. They didn't seem to mind that I was taking there pictures either. (Although being such an amateur, I didn't get very many good ones and the ones posted below hardly do them justice.) As I was leaving, I was gifted this beautiful, soft, white swan feather. I imagined them saying thank you for keeping them company for a few minutes. And I was so glad to, especially since right as I was leaving a man came walking over with his dog, talking on his phone. The man was talking on the phone, not the dog. The man, either oblivious because he was talking on his phone or oblivious in general, let his dog chase after the swans. Seriously...the dog even jumped into the water and the oblivia-man just kept talking on his phone. The swans flapped their wings indignantly and squawked letting the man and the dog know just how the felt about the intrusion, but it did not seem to matter.