Day 100 :: Sweet Stillness

"From 'no thing', movement arises naturally.
From inaction, comes action.
From emptiness, comes shape and form.
And from stillness, comes energy and flow."

~Gabriella Goddard

First of all, can you believe that we are at day 100? 100 days into 2015 and I have posted a photo a day. It's been a good discipline, helping me to learn my new camera, getting me out and about, exploring places I might put off going to, bringing me back to my greatest loves and joys: Exploration and Adventure. I'm loving sharing my world with you and if you want to play along {I hope you will :) }, just share in the comments below or use the hashtag #embracinggraceeveryday when posting on Twitter or Instagram. 

Ah, sweet stillness. I crave it. I relish it. It nourishes me. It informs me. It heals me. Most of the time, I have a bit of stillness in the early morning in which I set myself up for my day. I need this time. When I don't have it, I find myself craving it all day long. For some reason, for me, morning stillness {along with my morning tea} sets the tone for the rest of my day.

I've been taking Kim Klassen's Be Still class and loving it! It's helping me to learn my camera, getting me to try new things, I'm enjoying the community there. Kim is so helpful and informative in her class and of course, her photos or gorgeous! So good on so many levels. A beautiful respite. Here's my response from this week's class:

My perfect BE STILL day would be this:

Wake up 6:00 am, Mystery follows me downstairs. (M is usually already off to work)
Let Huey go outside (Huey loves to go outside even if it's cold, Mystery doesn't)
Make a cup of tea and read or journal for a bit with Mystery by my side
Breakfast with D, she is off to school by 8:10
Do a bit of planning and take a shower
Make another cup of tea, catch up on some emails, admin work, etc.
Get to work painting in the studio by 9:00 am (sometimes with music, sometimes silence)
Take a break around 12:00 & have lunch
Work on editing some photos
Pick up D
Go for a walk or hike with my camera OR work a little bit more in my studio 
M comes home
We cook & have dinner together with D; time as a family
Maybe a little more painting or work in my art journal
Watch a movie with M

Where & and when do you find stillness?