Day 127 :: Happy Mother's Day


I spent a lovely day with my daughter walking at Quarryhill Botanical Garden, taking photos (my second favorite thing to do next to painting), and seeing a movie in the afternoon. This lotus flower was my "shot of the day". Isn't it sweet and gorgeous?

The ancient Egyptians saw the lotus flower as being a symbol of rebirth due to it's retracting into the water each night and emerging into the sun each morning. Thus it also came to symbolize the sun and the creation. In Buddhism, the lotus flower is associated with spiritual awakening, purity and faithfulness. The pink lotus is the supreme lotus and is considered to be the true lotus of Buddha. In Hinduism, the lotus has the most strong symbolism, being associated with beauty, fertility, prosperity, eternity & spirituality.

For me, the lotus represents the emergence into my true self, purity, beauty and the faithfulness of the earth to sustain me. I'm so glad this gorgeous pink lotus made itself apparent to me and allowed me to get a clear image of it.