Day 167 :: Natural Golden Light


There's a place I like to walk near my home, Shollenberger Park. It's a wildlife reserve for birds and water fowl. There are plenty there and it is especially wonderful early in the morning or during the golden light hour in the evening. I went walking there the other evening and have posted pictures from that walk during the past few days. The light was beautiful and gorgeous. Unfortunately, most of the birds were a bit farther away for my lens, but there were many, including a white heron, a swan, many Canadien geese, shovelers, red-wing blackbirds, ducks and others I don't know the names of.  [ :( I'll be working on that ]. 

I like this photo and processed it a little differently than I did the previous few. I used Kim Klassen's lightroom preset prairies and tweeted the exposure a little bit to lighten it up since Kim's preset boosts the contrast and clarity a little making the photo a bit darker than I remember the shot being. I love how Kim's preset brings out the blue-greens in the foliage surrounding the thistles giving them a nice background to stand on. 

I like to make subtle changes to my photos to allow them to represent what I remember seeing, since that's the beauty that captured my attention in the first place. Sometimes, I will boost the exposure, natural color or vibrance of a photo a tiny bit to make what I saw more apparent. Occasionally, I will run across a shot that I want to be more artistic with and I'll play with it more in Photoshop, but lately, I'm really loving Lightroom for the way in brings out the natural light, values and contrast in a photo. It makes me feel like I'm right there in the scene again.