Embracing Grace Everyday

A number of years ago, I wanted to experience more joy in my life. I wanted to be able to enjoy simple moments and feel more contentment. I didn't want to be sideswiped and emotionally derailed by the challenging things that happen in life. I wanted to enjoy my life. No matter what. I began a practice of noticing the beauty around me at any given moment and documenting the simple, little (and not so little) things that I'm grateful for and that inspire me in my journal. As I practiced this, it not only became easier and more fun, but I noticed more & more beauty. It was everywhere! I felt like I had a superpower even though I knew it was there all along, I just hadn't been tuning into it. I experienced a huge change in the level of joy that I'm able to experience even in some difficult or challenging situations. It didn't mean that I didn't experience sadness, grief, frustration or anger, but that I could feel it all. I felt calmer, more content. I was surprised when going through a particularly difficult time that I could experience a glimmer of happiness amongst all the grief. What I found was that no matter what life brought me, there was a special grace within whatever was happening be it a flower box beside an overflowing trash can, a rose brought home to me by my love, a door held open by a stranger, or the little snores of my cat, Mystery. So, I've continued to practice.

And now, the Embracing Grace Everyday project. 

For the next 365 days I will be documenting my moments of beauty, joy, gratitude & inspiration right here. Each day I'll post a photo of something that I find beautiful or inspiring, something that brings me joy or something that I'm grateful for. There might be some artwork and a poem or two here and there as well. And I hope you'll play along (because it's fun to play together!). Just post a link your own blog post or flickr in the comments section. You can also post your photo to Twitter and Instagram using #embracinggraceeveryday.